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Thomas Dieringer
About Thomas
Entrepreneurship is my passion!

I am an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in digitization, business development, procurement and manufacturing.

I studied economics and IT in the late 80s.  My first job was as a software developer for a business consultant, developing an ROI analyses for different product lines at a manufacturing company.

I became an exclusive dealer for the Nixdorf system "COMET" in Eastern Europe, a recursor of SAP R/3. It was a very hard time at the beginning.  After the Berlin wall fell  in 1989, all German companies invested in Eastern Europe which allowed me to increase the business to 120 employees with offices in Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Moscow.  Our key differentiator was a complete nationalized software according to local standard (including language and regulations), which was unique at that time. When SAP released the new R/3 system, the business got very difficult and I sold the majority of the company to a German SAP consulting company called Apcon, which became Itelligence in the late 90s.  Itelligence became one of the. biggest SAP partners globally.

I reinvested my earnings and bought a small injection molding company in Hungary, called Hungary Plastic at the beginning, later ProTec. That time, the company had only one customer and 45 employees. Over the next 7 years, we built an automotive division and we delivered preassembled components to over 25 customers in the automotive and consumer electronics area across Europe. Our key differentiator was a strong experience in manual assembly and the internal value chain in combination with low labor costs. When the company grew to about 550 employees, I sold it to a Swedish company (2000) called Nolato, (the world market leader for mobile phone replacement covers).

I again reinvested the earnings and founded POOL4TOOL in 2001 (the leading provider of procurement software for direct material) with subsidiaries in Europe, US, Asia and Middle East. The key differentiator of POOL4TOOL was a complete portfolio of functionalities to manage direct spend globally according to defined category strategy. Over the next 15 years, I invested a lot in trainings around "emotional intelligence", covering conflict management, insights discovery ® and many others to form a powerful management team based on internal values. We also implemented the "winning complex sales" methodology to improve the sales processes and opportunity qualification with very good results.

When we merged with SciQuest (mid 2017), the company was renamed to JAGGAER and later that year BravoSolutions was also bought and JAGGAER had then obtained one of the leading procurement vendors globally. During that time, I gained a huge amount of knowledge on Private Equity and how US managers are scaling a SaaS business.

I worked for JAGGAER as a President EMEA and delivered outstanding results in terms of revenue growth and customer satisfaction, until the engagement at JAGGAER ended middle of 2021. Also at JAGGAER, my focus was to build key differentiators like the digitalization roadmap, which allows companies to take advantage of the latest software trends such as AI and augmented analytics.

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