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Marketing Optimization

Marketing leads are a key KPI for every sales organization. If the marketing funnel isn't big enough,sales will fail in delivering the expected results.

Building up a sustainable pipeline for sales with proper prequalification is an important part of every marketing department. Especially COVID has changed how marketing approaches potential clients and digital marketing is still an area where companies don't have enough experience.​

To help customers in the most efficient way, we have developed consulting products for our clients to improve their results.

marketing funnel

Measuring hard facts

as results is key

To analyze the existing marketing funnel, to calculate the minimum quantities of leads and to describe these leads in terms of marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) is one of the basic requirements. Everybody in the company should talk about the same numbers and should understand what an MQL and SQL means. This knowledge helps reduce risks in all elements of pipeline building.


If the required SQLs are known, its the next step to check how these numbers can be achieved with the existing marketing budget and how long this could take, considering the average sales cycle.


The outcome of this consulting package is

  • a definition for MQL and SQL

  • a marketing funnel with defined targets

  • a list of activities with responsibilities and timelines to improve the marketing funnel

  • adoption of marketing campaigns according the ideal customer persona

  • a list of KPIs to measure to track the leads across the entire customer journey

  • comparison of existing campaigns and budgets to required campaigns and budget to achieve the numbers

  • a bigger pipeline and more bookings/revenue in the next 6 month

marketing automation

Lead nurturing

at its best

Marketing automation is the first step to digitize the marketing department. Marketing automation means automated follow up activities on almost every marketing activity to nurture existing leads.

Marketing automation is strongly connected with the configuration and the possibilities of the marketing tool. Equally, good marketing automation can track all marketing channels to provide a clear overview, how successful your marketing campaigns are and which content generates more (useful) traffic than another.


The outcome of this consulting package is

  • a guideline for implementing marketing automation

  • a recommendation for configuration (and/or selection) of a marketing automation tool 

  • many more leads, better company branding and more bookings/revenue in the next 6 month

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