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Sales Optimization

Optimization in the sales department can have many different aspects. Based on your actual
structure and processes we define the changes that make sense for your business.

Every company is different, but typically poor sales optimization leads to the same results: an insufficient pipeline and low bookings

To help customers in the most efficient way, we have developed consulting products to improve their results and optimize their sales efforts.


Best in Class

Deal Qualification

The MEDDIC qualification methodology is the gold standard in enterprise sales. If you want to read more about MEDDIC, click here

Normally, we start with an explanation and introduction of MEDDIC to make the process for every stakeholder very clear.  We identify the gaps help all parties to understand why solution selling, not feature selling, is key. There are several prerequisites to proper lead qualification in an highly  scalable environment. Some of them are covered in other consulting products.


The outcome of this consulting package is

  • a good understanding of methodology in every department

  • a defined ideal sales process, an ideal customer profile and an ideal customer persona

  • a new qualification process which results in more accurate forecasting and higher bookings due to a higher win-rate


Sell the value,

not features

Successful enterprise sales without a value proposition, tailored to the target company, is nearly impossible. That said, there are some customers that buy without a defined pain or without a ROI calculation, simply because they want to digitize their manual processes. But in most cases, there is strong competition and they try to influence the customer as much as possible.

Therefore, its important to map all the company and product advantages to customer value because only these advantages will provide quantifiable business impact for the customer. This is an important part of our improvement methodology.


With this consulting package, you get

  • all your key differentiators and advantages mapped to a customer benefit and ROI which allows you to describe the value of your solution compared to your competitor

  • adapted customer presentations for proper solution selling

  • input for your marketing, which white papers and success stories need to be produced and how the value proposition should look 

  • input for your PreSales department, and how they should change their presentations and PoCs

  • more leads due to a changed marketing approach and a higher win rate because better positioning against competitors


Scale your business 

thru your partners.

A good partner ecosystem is a precondition for a highly scalable software business. The most valuable companies globally like Salesforce, Coupa or SAP reached their status because of their ecosystem. 

Finding the right partners is often not easy, especially if the company is small and the product not well known. Nevertheless, there are always possibilities to establish sustainable partner relations. In this consulting package, we analyze existing partner relationships and define a strategy for new/additional partners.


With this consulting package, you get

  • an ideal partner profile which allows you focus on the right partners for each section, product family and vertical

  • a definition of how to integrate the partner in the ideal sales process to avoid channel conflicts

  • a definition of different types of partners, which includes a joint marketing strategy for each of the different partner types

  • input for additional key differentiators for potential integration of partner products and/or services

  • input for your marketing, as to how marketing activities with partners should be planned and executed

  • KPIs for measurement of successful partner integration

  • a higher scalable business with more bookings due to more sales and marketing power


Better planning due to

more realistic forecasts

Every sales person has his quota and, by default, this number should be realistically achievable. But what happens if the account manager, business development representative, inside sales manager etc. achieve only 20% of their quota? Or, as often occurs, they achieve their quota in the last month of the year?  For SaaS based companies this is a huge problem because a year end booking brings almost no revenue for the actual fiscal year.

Proper sales forecasting with a clear differentiation of status (forecast, upside and at-risk deals) is key for a proper financial forecast.  Equally, proper deal status will enable management to react to changes to plan in an expeditious manner.


With this consulting package, you get

  • higher accuracy in forecasting with best case and worst case scenarios

  • better control of each individual sales representative

  • objective KPIs for each sales representative incl. 

  • input for compensation plans and how the should be structured in the next year


Digitalization in Sales

is the key for success

There are many reasons why its important to use a CRM system, and to understand that one CRM system is not like every other CRM system. Even if you use salesforce or hubspot, the configuration can be so different that it becomes nearly impossible to work with the system or to measure the results.  Equally, the benefit of the system can be so small that you have issues with adoption.

We believe that its impossible  to build a world class sales team without a proper configuration of the CRM system. It must be easy to use but also detailed enough that its not necessary to use an excel sheet for reporting or daily planning of activities.

This consulting package includes the analyses of the existing CRM-system, a list of requirements for a changed configuration and a recommendation for another CRM-system if the existing one doesn't fulfill all the requirements.

This consulting package can include the change of configuration for the CRM-system with an specialized CRM consultant who can execute needed changes in the system.


With this consulting package, you get

  • higher adoption of your CRM system

  • up to 30% more time for your sales team to focus on the right activities

  • better reporting

  • more leads due to better segmentation and higher focus on the market segments

  • reduced risk with employee turnover

  • better understanding of performance metrics in the organization

  • better collaboration between the teams (marketing, sales, inside sales, presales, account management)

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