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Sales & Strategy Consulting
for SaaS Companies

Consulting services that improve your bottom line result.

Build an organization ready to scale. consultants help SaaS companies achieve more growth by holistically streamlining the process from lead generation to closing a deal. will help you to define your value propositions and key differentiators, to communicate them in all marketing channels for increased lead generation, to execute them as efficient as possible in sales for shorter sales cycles and higher win rate and to measure the results for continuous improvement actions.

Typical problems of our clients:
  • Expected revenue goals are not achieved.

  • The sales pipeline isn't big enough.

  • Forecasts are slipping from one quarter to the next.

  • Win-rate isn't high enough.

  • Sales processes aren't efficient.

  • Product positioning isn't 100% clear.

  • KPIs for marketing and sales (beside booking numbers) aren't defined.

  • More potential investors need to be convinced of the business model.

We help our customers to fix these problems with a combination of Product Management, Marketing and Sales improvements. Carefully aligning people, processes and technology, our consulting experts provide the strategies and tools you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, following the right processes. 

Missing revenue goals is rarely only a result of non-performing sales teams or the wrong marketing campaign. Usually one thing is missing: the right VALUE PROPOSITION for your target group!!

VALUE differentiates your product from your competitors and enables you to win deals. By aligning your product strategy and marketing activities to the right value, and structuring your sales process according to the MEDDIC philosophy, you will achieve huge improvements in bookings and revenue.

Product Strategy

Build key differentiators and check your product value proposition for competitive messages, which include competitor battle cards and analyst relations.

Marketing Funnel

Define your required marketing funnel incl. MQL and SQL KPIs.

Align your messaging for improved lead generation.

Sales Process

Design and implement a process to improve organization-wide sales performance, based on state-of-the-art lead and opportunity qualification. 

Why Choose Sales.Exchange?



All our services are focused on sustainable bottom-line results. Our consulting services provide solutions to your most prevalent sales challenges and hurdles for your future success.

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We know that improvements take time and time is limited, especially in smaller organizations. Our consulting approach are proven practices that consistently yield customer-centric results.

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Focused on SaaS Companies

Sales.Exchange is focused on SaaS companies, who are focused on high market evaluation. With experience in entrepreneurship and private equity, we accelerate growth not only in revenue but especially in valuation.

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Our consulting team looks at every function across your organization to align the teams on value for your customers which results always in outstanding customer success. The right selection and implementation of software tools is an important part. 

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